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Tenor Drums in Marching Bands

Tenor Drums in Marching Bands

The tenor drum is a single of the lots of drums made use of by American marching bands. Although now most normally discovered in parades and on soccer fields throughout halftime displays, this instrument has been employed considering that the mid-19th century by a range of composers. It is a lower-pitched variant of the snare drum, a different marching band staple. On the discipline, the tenor drum is quickly identified, as it is carried in mounted sets of a few to 6 drums. This set up permits the musician to pay out a number of drums at the same time, incorporating to the richness of the percussion.

Tenor drums are performed with a huge selection of implements, all of them a kind of mallet or drumstick. The heads of these beaters may possibly be manufactured of a range of resources, such as wooden, plastic, nylon, felt, rubber or fleece. The drumheads of tenor drums are usually as taut as doable, generating a reasonably substantial-pitched audio that is really successful in outside cases.

As mentioned, tenor drums are carried and performed in sets. The identify of a set generally refers to the amount of drums it has a “quad,” for case in point, is composed of 4 drums. Every single drum in a established is of a distinct diameter and as a result makes a distinctive pitch of sound. Equally the loudness and the wide variety of the tenor drum make it a worthwhile addition to marching bands. A band may well have as many as six tenor drum gamers, every of whom can carry as many as six drums for a grand overall of 30-6 devices. Tenor drums are commonly used to accent snare drums, but they also insert melodic percussion.

A set of 4 tenor drums will normally be organized so that the most affordable drum is on the player’s considerably still left, the second cheapest is on his considerably correct, the next highest is on his middle remaining and the greatest is on his center proper. When a tenor drum is performed, it is struck close to the edge of the head. These types of a strategy permits the drum to challenge ideal resonance and tone. As for the strategy that governs switching from a person drum to the up coming, there are two main systems. The much more prevalent consists of allowing for the drumsticks to go across the drums in a straight line. This model cuts down the total of house the player should travel via, thereby quickening his execution. The other program dictates that the player follows an “arc” from a single drum to the next. The arc procedure was extra common in the previously times of the tenor drum and is rarely applied now.

The use of tenor drums in marching bands may possibly possibly be attributed to their regular use in navy drum corps. In these scenarios, the instruments re made use of for timekeeping as very well as musical purposes. In a military services drum corps, 3 varieties of tenor drum are utilized: the flourishing tenor, which is characterised by the player’s spectacular drumstick actions the alto tenor, which is played in tandem with the bass drum and the rhythm tenor, which is utilised to accent the snare drum component.