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Interview with Louise Lewis, Writer of “No Experts Essential”

Interview with Louise Lewis, Writer of “No Experts Essential”

Louise Lewis has two a long time of practical experience in internet marketing and promotion, obtaining held senior-stage positions on the shopper, advertising and marketing agency, and ad profits sides of the business. Louise considers herself a self-advancement junkie, continuing to request light-weight, enjoy, and wisdom in her daily everyday living. With an innate passion for religious progress, she has a sturdy need to give back again to the world. Along with the inspiration and route obtained from Spirit, Louise carries on to contact the life of all she fulfills. Born and lifted in Louisiana, she acquired a bachelor’s degree in communications at California State University in Fullerton. She now resides in Southern California and volunteers at Children’s Healthcare facility of Orange County.

Tyler: Thank you for joining me now, Louise. To get started, I comprehend composing “No Specialists Essential” was the final result of what most men and women would consider a traumatic expertise, the decline of a work. Will you notify us a little bit about how shedding your occupation led to your writing this e book?

Louise: It truly is my enjoyment to be right here with you. Indeed, getting rid of my task was traumatic considering the fact that I am a single gal with a home loan and the field (large tech) experienced been laying off persons for two a long time prior to my pink-slip day. But thankfully, the trauma of it all lasted only minutes. Appears weird, I know. But my entire world turned around just minutes following acquiring “set cost-free” from my career.

It all commenced in the San Jose, CA airport. I sat in the departure area panicking above exactly where I would come across a career. As I said, anyone-co-employees, customers, competitor businesses-experienced now been hit by the “dot com bomb.”

In my weakened, vulnerable condition, I stated, “God, what am I heading to do?” I started to see a mental picture of myself in gradual motion slipping into a deep dim despair. Out of the blue, from underneath me I “noticed” two cupped hands rise up to catch me. They had been the arms of God and I plopped into His palms. The plop was so good that it introduced my intellect again to fact and to the airport waiting around region. I looked all over to see if any one observed me leap in my seat from the plop.

With a deep breath and my head hung low, I once again asked, “God, what am I likely to do?”

My head was lifted and I gained His message, “I am going to consider care of you, Louise. This is just a new chapter in your daily life.” In that second, the heaviness from my concerns lifted from my overall body, and I was capable to choose a further breath.

He recurring, “This is just a further chapter in your life. You keep the pen, I’ll guideline your hand, and with each other we will produce just one hell of a chapter.”
In that instant, I understood I experienced been set on a significantly diverse route in lifestyle. I didn’t know the answers to the why, how, when varieties of inquiries. I basically promised myself that I would go on to pay attention to and adhere to Spirit’s messages.

From the begin, I wrote down in my journal just about every element of the journey of obtaining these messages. Finally, it was an additional information from Spirit that told me also to start out inquiring men and women: what is the which means of lifetime?

The journey, the messages, and the Spirit encompassing the many incredible gatherings grew so substantial that I just experienced to place the tale between handles and share it with the planet.

Tyler: Louise, will you convey to us a very little bit far more about these messages. How do you get them? Would you share with us an instance of a usual or unique concept?

Louise: Perfectly, I am going to swiftly state that I do not listen to voices just never want any person to think I am bonkers! We all acquire messages in some type or one more. Who has not said some thing like, “I you should not know why I did that, but I just knew I had to do it.” Other people absolutely confess that the cause for a specific motion could have only occur from divine intervention. Messages are staying despatched to all of us. But are we all listening?

For me, I can explain to the variance amongst a “standard” information-1 that will come from my own instinct or intellect-and a person that arrives from Spirit. The greatest way I explain receiving a message from Spirit is by contacting it a “heavy assumed.” It is really a considered that, in its place of whizzing throughout my mind as do most random thoughts, drags gradually, deliberately across my consciousness. And the effect it has on me…perfectly, there is certainly not sufficient time to explain that!

As for specific messages, I have obtained several that have taken my breath absent. 1, of class, is the message I been given just minutes just after having “established totally free” from my career as I outlined previously. A different message so incredibly near to my coronary heart is the information I obtained from my Father as he was passing. It can be a single chapter that is a most loved among readers.

Tyler: Louise, will you tell us what that concept was?

Louise: His message was “Go phone your Momma.” It was his way of honoring one particular of my requests of him right before he would go away. I acquired his information just in time…it came just minutes soon after I left his hospital mattress and just minutes in advance of I boarded my flight back dwelling. Just minutes immediately after I returned to his bedside, he handed absent. Coincidence?

Tyler: Of course, all people would like to know “the indicating of lifestyle.” We also often go to self-assistance gurus, religion, and many academics for solutions, so I am intrigued by your subtitle, “The That means of Everyday living According to You.” Why did you opt for this subtitle?

Louise: Enable me very first say that I do not have something in opposition to “gurus.” Gathered knowledge and knowledge is incredibly beneficial and can be used to guideline or motivate us to our Fact. Nevertheless, when it arrives to answering the touch issues about (our) daily life, we are left to our personal knowledge of what we know to be True. In other phrases, no a person can tell you your Real truth that is a journey you will have to vacation by yourself.

So, even while I would motivate individuals to attain direction if they’re stuck in lifestyle, I consider it is unquestionably crucial for people today to imagine for them selves and search for their own remedy to the large queries in lifestyle. After you do the operate, you will master that your responses to all of life’s query dwell in you.

Tyler: Louise, I’m intrigued by your statement that no just one can notify a person his or her own Truth of the matter, and that the answers to life’s issues are inside of of us. We live in what is somewhat a Christian country, and a ton of conservative Christians will tell you Jesus is the real truth and the only way to salvation is by perception in Him. Are you ready to reconcile your messages with that perception, or are you not working in just the perception process of Christianity?

Louise: Does God not dwell in us? Should we not have a deep and private connection with our Creator? Do we not communicate to God with our hearts?

Sorry if I am about to “break up hairs” below, but when I mentioned, “no 1 can tell a man or woman…” I actually imply no human (for this reason, no authorities) can explain to you what is inside your coronary heart and soul. A human can manual you, and so on., but only you know what you see and feel when you appear inside your heart, your thoughts, and your soul.

Personally, I consider a person’s Reality (money T intended) can only arrive from a higher resource. And to listen to that Fact, 1 must go in just.

As for me running in just the perception of Christianity, just place, I am a Christian, so it truly is unachievable not to run from that foundation. Also, I stroll through existence enabling my inquisitive brain to glean a little bit of comprehension from the teachings of eastern philosophy. And, I also appreciate studying and encountering distinct peoples and their cultures.

When all of this (faith + know-how + encounter) marinates in my soul, a Real truth rises up. I guess the quickest way for me to describe that Truth of the matter is by applying the aged declaring, “all roads direct to Rome.” I know total effectively that it really is probable for people to have their possess definitions or variations of this belief, so I am capable to regard all interpretations. “A rose by any other name”…effectively, it truly is even now a rose!

Allow me also include that I deliberately retained “No Specialists Wanted” on a Spiritual amount vs. just one of a distinct religion because whilst strolling on my Spirit-led journey, I welcomed a conversation with all men and women, all faiths/religions, and all cultures. Why? Because I want to be a section of the motion that will get all persons imagining about the which means of life… It comes entire circle…at some point.

Tyler: Louise, will you tell us a minor bit about how “No Experts Needed” is structured. I recognize it is created up of several people’s stories. Why did you organize it the way you did?

Louise: Let me initial admit that I am not a author, so I experienced no knowledge as to the “appropriate” way of accomplishing anything. But I imagined it was needed to convey to my tale specifically how it occurred. Which means that as considerably as doable, the tale unfolds in chronological purchase. As my ft moved along my new route, I wrote about it and laid the adventures “conclude to conclusion.”

I hope that when folks read through the tale of my journey, they say, “Wow, she just walked by her daily lifestyle, listened to Spirit’s direction, and achieved so many wonderful individuals who shared their awesome existence stories with her.

It nevertheless helps make me giggle when I tell men and women I want to be the poster child for how enriching everyday living is when you get the time just to flip to the man or woman sitting down upcoming to you and start out a conversation.

Tyler: Would you share with us one of the other stories in the book?

Louise: Thank you for not asking for my most loved story. That would be like asking a father or mother who is their beloved little one! I appreciate them all due to the fact to this working day, I am even now surprised at how I was “shipped” to meet up with specific folks and acquire their tale. Just one these types of event is about meeting Dan.

1 night I made the decision to go out to dinner. I received in my vehicle and started off driving even though I did not know the place I was heading. My brain juggled quite a few restaurant selections until eventually I gained word from Spirit, “Go to Bayside.” By this time on my journey, I had uncovered not to question the messages I obtained.

“Hmm, Bayside?” I thought. “That is the restaurant exactly where my e book commenced.” In that moment, I just understood that one thing very good was about to happen.

Soon after purchasing a glass of wine, I appeared around the bar, thinking, “Okay, deliver it on, God. Why am I here?” Was I brought there to meet up with my upcoming boyfriend? Nicely, that failed to transpired but some thing far better did.

I handed the time composing in my journal when from my ideal shoulder I heard a gentleman say, “Are you writing a e-book?” Now some may possibly say that was a good guess, but I knew otherwise. “Of course, I am. Would you like to be in it?” I asked. In no way ahead of had I just blurted that out. But, at the time all over again, I understood tonight was diverse.

I informed him that to be in the ebook he would have to answer one particular problem, but that I would not explain to him the question until eventually he agreed to be in the e-book. It was an all-or-almost nothing deal. He abruptly said, “No,” and turned his back again. About 2.3 seconds handed when he spun back about and claimed, “Ok, ya got me. What is the query?”

He study the paper with the problem “What is the which means of everyday living?” He smirked, “I’ve been thinking about this for around a yr now.” I waited. Then he continued.

“Within just the earlier eighteen months, my son was killed in a auto incident. And my father died of a coronary heart attack. And my brother died of liver failure.”

As he wrote his response, I revisited all that occurred that led me to conference Dan. Some people today simply call it “coincidence.” Not me.

So, you see those are the kinds of tales that are in the book.

Tyler: Louise, which is an remarkable “coincidence.” But if you you should not feel it’s a coincidence, how do you think Spirit introduced you alongside one another? Inform us extra about Dan and why his beliefs about the indicating of daily life are essential to you.

Louise: Excellent concern, but these days I am making an attempt my very best to quit my analytical thoughts from possessing to discover this sort of solutions. I no longer check with the how’s or why’s. It is what it is. When anything wonderful like that comes about to me, I gently shift my thoughts into a condition of gratitude and simply say, “Thank you for bringing us collectively. Retain it comin’!”

Thank you for seeking to hear far more about Dan. I so adore the story and could go on and on, but I’ll try to keep this short.

As he wrote his ‘meaning of life’ solution, I viewed Dan from the corner of my eye. Mind you, this was immediately after he explained to me of the consecutive losses of family customers.

I looked into his experience to see if I could detect any shades of anger, resentment, or bitterness. You know, some of the phases of grief. But there was none. I tried out to go through his power to see irrespective of whether there was some form of dim cloud hovering more than his head. But there was none. As a substitute, Dan’s deal with and power was nothing but tranquil.

“How can this be?” I considered. “He have to be very non secular.”

Dan handed me his remedy. Following looking through it, I acknowledged it with a realizing nod. But as is my inquisitive nature, I pushed the envelope a little bit further more and requested, “How have you survived?” With eyes locked on mine, he quietly said, “I believe that in God.”

Why is the story of Dan and his response so distinctive? For the reason that this overall occasion, encounter, adventure was all Spirit-driven, and I can actually weep with deep and enormous gratitude that I was provided however a further prospect to enjoy a job.

Tyler: Will you notify us a very little little bit about your composing approach in developing the guide?

Louise: Not currently being a author, I first had to build a crafting process. But basically, the truth of the matter at the rear of my writing course of action was to permit place for my creating process to produce on its possess. I merely stayed correct to my dedication to believe in that I understood what was suitable…for me.

Having reported that, there have been a lot of occasions I stared at a blank monitor. Nevertheless other periods, it was like the book wrote itself simply because I found that the much more I stayed accurate to the encounter of my journey and instructed the tale working with my have voice, the battle finished and the phrases flowed freely.

Tyler: Lots of writers discuss writing block, but I believe it can be additional that we want to get ourselves into the ideal condition of head and unwind enough to make the words and phrases circulation by way of us. How did you make confident you have been being “legitimate to the practical experience of my journey” and when did you know you weren’t?

Louise: I understood I was becoming true to my journey any time I wrote from Spirit, my model of what you connect with the “proper point out of head.” Regrettably, through the creating of my book, my Moi generally tried using to consider middle stage by yelling in my ear destructive points, like “You’re insane to assume you can produce a ebook.” Or, “Persons will consider you are nuts if you explain to the story precisely how it occurred.” Or, “No a person will feel you!”

Luckily, I have a solution weapon for dealing with Ego. Just about every time Ego elevated its voice, I simply asked myself, “In this minute, am I dwelling in Spirit or in Ego?” Pardon my “French,” but due to the fact I am hell bent on always residing in Spirit, just inquiring myself that query aligned my each and every assumed and motion with Spirit. And at the time in Spirit, I received the confidence to tell the tale my way, in my words and phrases, with my voice.

Tyler: Louise, what advice would you give to persons who have dropped their careers?

Louise: Goodness! That is a tough issue since each problem is different. But in general, I would motivate individuals to glance for the beneficial prospect hidden just beneath the layer of trauma. Absolutely sure, a human being has to deal with the fact of it all. But when possible, move again and take a large view of what this could actually indicate for you. At times, getting rid of a task just may be the boot in the butt to improve direction in everyday living.

Tyler: Why do you feel the loss of a position, specially, led you on this non secular journey, somewhat than some other existence-changing party?

Louise: That is a fantastic issue and challenging to remedy in a sound bite. But I will say (only somewhat jokingly) that if God ended up making an attempt to get my interest so that he could place me on another route in existence, possessing my monetary security taken away confident did the trick.

The shock and panic of not understanding in which I might find a job left me experience tremendously susceptible. In advance of, I usually felt in entire management of my everyday living effectively, as a great deal as just one can handle items. But losing my work did me in. All I could do was surrender and inquire for His assist. I feel that at any time we genuinely hand our everyday living over to God, we are in for just one hell of a journey!

Tyler: Now how do come to feel when you look again on that day when you felt devastated by the reduction of your career?

Louise: With enormous gratitude!

Tyler: What effect do you hope “No Authorities Required” has upon men and women?

Louise: I would like for men and women to end looking at the reserve stating, “If she could do it, so can I.” And the “it” would not necessarily mean crafting a e book.

At the close of the working day, I am just a basic gal dwelling a simple life. In my moment of disaster, I turned inward and sought my Truth, explored the this means of my everyday living, and then authorized myself to be Guided. Certainly, if I can do it, so can you.

Tyler: What reaction have you obtained so significantly from visitors?

Louise: Oddly plenty of, I am obtaining relatively of the opposite response of what I imagined. I thought men and women would enjoy examining everyone’s ‘meaning of life’ reply. And they do. I thought they’d enjoy reading through the transferring stories as informed to me by the people I fulfilled together my Spirit-led journey. And they do really like that as effectively.

But, about and about, I am informed that what men and women-visitors and reviewers alike-most adore about looking at “No Professionals Essential” is my storytelling…my feelings…my ordeals. That has been an surprising nonetheless welcomed shock.

Tyler: Have you had any skeptical audience, ones who do not believe everyday living has any indicating? What is your response to them?

Louise: Oh, absolutely sure. There are often a few of “life has no that means” people who cross my path. Fortunately, I have uncovered to wander as a result of lifestyle with an open up brain, heart and ears. And I have also figured out how to disagree respectfully with anyone.

So when persons say, “I am certain you you should not like listening to me say I really don’t imagine,” I simply just tell them my intent is to discover from them…not to adjust their minds. It takes a great deal of apply and I am still a work in progress!

Tyler: Which is a great response, Louise. Do you have options for any further publications?

Louise: Indeed in truth. “No Professionals Desired” will be a series. I have the kid’s version ready to be pulled with each other. And I am presently crossing the state attending motorcycle rallies for the biker model. Yep, you can find a tale at the rear of that a single.

Tyler: The biker version? I really like it. Apart from staying an author, exactly where else in life do you assume or hope Spirit will information you?

Louise: Oh, Tyler, appropriate now I am joyful just to be a pawn on Spirit’s chessboard of daily life. I know that with each Spirit-guided “transfer,” my journey just receives better and greater. And due to the fact I have experienced this for so numerous many years, I know basically to embrace the upcoming and say, “Convey it on!”

Tyler: Thank you for joining me right now, Louise. Just before we go, would you explain to our visitors your site deal with and what more facts they can locate there about “No Authorities Desired”?

Louise: Thank you, Tyler, for this amazing opportunity. I invite anyone to go to my website-[http://www.noexpertsneeded.com-to] find book excerpts, assessments, additional Q&A sessions. Also presented are uncomplicated get one-way links to all significant on line booksellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Tyler: Thank you, Louise. Finest of luck with your ebook, and we hope you come back again when the children and biker versions occur out.