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How To Use A Golf GPS

How To Use A Golf GPS

One of the many benefits of the advancement of technology these days is the golf GPS. Practically every recreational golfer has a story or two to tell when it comes to figuring out yardages at golf courses, and the golf GPS not only makes golf rounds go by a lot faster but also more enjoyable as well. When it comes to the golf GPS, there are basically two types out on the market today, the wrist watch and the handheld device.

The wrist watch is basically a wrist watch that doubles as a rangefinder that one can use out on the golf course. The golf GPS wrist watch is a lot easier to use than a handheld device, but may not be as accurate at times, so it is something to consider when deciding between which one to buy. When it comes to using the golf GPS wrist watch, one can simply turn the watch on when getting it out of the box and then press the menu button, usually located on one side of the watch. The watch itself will then search for golf courses that are nearby and will come up with a list. Simply choose the golf course you are going to play at and the distance will automatically show up for the first hole. When using this sort of golf GPS it is important to make sure that you wait a few seconds when going up to the golf ball and finding out the distance instead of looking down immediately. This will make sure that you have the most accurate reading of the distance to the hole.

The other type of golf GPS is the handheld device, such as the SkyCaddie. These have grown tremendously in popularity over the past few years and are also simple to use, although they require more steps to set up than the golf GPS wrist watch. When purchasing one for the first time, one will have to first connect the handheld device to a computer using a cable that comes with it, both to charge the device and to load golf courses onto it as well. These devices usually come with software as well that will have to be installed, but even if one is not tech-savvy they needn’t worry because the process is very simple and detailed instructions are usually provided as well.

Now, once the device has been charged and golf courses loaded, all one has to do is to turn on the device a little while before playing out on the golf course. The golf GPS will automatically start searching for the course you are playing on, and then once it is found you can start playing, which should not take very long at all unless the weather is bad (the device has to first search for the satellite, and the timing of this can vary depending on the weather). Now that you know how to use each type of golf GPS, go out and buy one! You won’t regret not having to search for yardage markers all day, that’s for sure.