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How to Slice a Rug and Carpet Pad

How to Slice a Rug and Carpet Pad

Rug and carpet pads from time to time arrive larger than your rug and involve trimming. This could be performed a couple means based on the sort of pad you have. For thinner, non slip pads, typically a pair of residence scissors performs. If your rug pad is a thicker, far more dense 1, then a carpet knife or significant responsibility scissors are ordinarily essential.

Right before I begin describing what to use to reduce the distinctive kinds of rug pads, three vital factors are concerned below. Very first, so as to not injury the ground underneath, be certain to have some protecting layer on the floor to avoid any problems from the scissors or knife. Next, irrespective of whether you have practical experience in this or not, it is a fantastic concept to dress in heavy obligation gloves to avoid getting slash. And finally, for those of you who prefer to lay the rug on the pad and then slice, consider treatment not to slash the rug!

In all situations, I want you to measure the duration and width of your rug and then slash the pad apart from the rug, as opposed to it being less than your rug whilst you are chopping. From your rug measurements, deduct a complete of two inches from each and every dimension and this will be the closing pad dimension. If the rug measures 8’9″x11’9″, then the pad should be 8’7″x11’7″. When you have the measurement measured and marked on your pad, try to come across something to join the markings so that you can draw a straight slicing line.

For thinner non slip pads, a easy pair of family scissors ought to slice just great. Minimize on the straight line that you marked on the pad and then you are carried out. If your pad is a solid and thicker, extra dense pad, check out working with a significant responsibility pair of scissors. In some occasions, this might do the job and in other folks, this may confirm to just make an uneven slice if the pad is far too dense. If this is the scenario, then a carpet knife is greatest. For carpet knife slicing, take additional treatment with the chopping floor. I suggest taking the rug pad exterior in your driveway or to a concrete flooring, such as a basement or garage. Now, meticulously slice the pad on the straight line. Dependent on the materials and density of some pads, you may perhaps have to comply with your knife slash with a pair of scissors to get a clean slash. While a sharp knife will minimize as a result of a jute pad, next with a scissor cut later on will consequence in a cleaner slice as the scissors will trim any jute fibers that were being not wholly minimize with the knife.

Of course it is finest to discover a place that in fact cuts the rug pad to size. There are a couple of accessible and this is a little something I constantly offer for my shoppers at no additional charge. In the circumstance that you have no selection but to slash it you, acquire the accurate actions and with a minimal time, you can do it.