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How to Improve Your Golf Score by Cheating

How to Improve Your Golf Score by Cheating

We’re all familiar with the guys who run down to the driving range at lunch time, get to the range early on game day, buy all of the latest golf equipment, and fuss over every shot like it’s a life or death situation, all in an overzealous effort to improve their golf score. We hate those guys – mostly because they beat us. They improve their golf score while ours diminishes. But what if there was a way you could improve your golf score and beat those guys without having to spend all of those hours on the practice range? There is. Here’s how you improve your golf score by cheating.

1. Grease your driver. That’s right. Carry some Vaseline in your pocket. Before every shot, spread a thin layer of Vaseline over the club face. It works like magic. You’ll hit the ball farther and you’ll hit it straighter. Be sly about it. And don’t over lubricate. You don’t want anyone to see your lubricant on your club face. If you don’t have any Vaseline, use your sunscreen. There may be no better way to improve your golf score.

2. Set up the rules in your favor. There are three rules you want to implement in order to improve your score over your opponent who hits the ball farther and straighter. First, there is no out of bounds. If the ball flies over a fence, you climb into the yard or pasture and play the ball. Second, play the ball where it lies. There is no relief from a sprinkler head, cart path, or other obstruction. Finally, don’t count the par fives. Par fives always favor the long straight hitters. You’re giving up half a stroke or more on every par five before you even put your tee in the ground. Keep the par fives out of play. When you set up the rules in your favor, you’ll immediately improve your golf score.

3. Putt lights out. This is where you win your money and improve your score the most. If you can sink a putt, you’ll win the dough every time. Practice your ass off on the putting green. Forget about the driving range. But if you don’t have a lot of time to practice your putting, focus on three footers. If you can sink all of your short putts, you’ll put the pressure on your opponent. They’ll be guaranteed to miss at least one three footer. If you can make yours, you’re gaining at least one stroke there – usually two to three stokes over the course of a round. This will improve your golf score immensely.

4. No gimmes. Gimmes are a thing of the past. Everyone putts everything out. But since you are now an expert on three footers, you’ll gain the advantage. Your opponent is used to people giving him lengthy putts. Not anymore. Now he’s going to be knocking his knees together trying to calm himself before putting out two footers. You’ll gain another 2-3 strokes here – an easy way to improve your golf score.

When it comes to improving your golf score, there is no easier way than cheating. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be winning your bets and beating your opponents in no time.